HOMENEWSDYNAMICWang Gang, Chairman of Jonway, “New Energy, New Ideas”

Wang Gang, Chairman of Jonway, “New Energy, New Ideas”


The first exposure of the new A380 is less than 60,000 yuan.

As a well-known automobile manufacturer in China, Jonway Automobile, its chairman, Shaogang Wang Gang, has just completed the foreign layout of Jonway Automobile in “new energy, new ideas”:

In the first half of this year, Jonway Automobile completed the preliminary laying of foreign electric vehicle outlets. At present, it has covered 36 countries; it was completed in May this year, and the agreement for overseas military car purchases was signed. The initial order quantity is 20,000 units; this year 7 In the month, the US Postal Service US Postal Service System awarded the design of the Jonway Automobile Subsidiary-ZAP Electric Post Vehicle, which will initially invest 100,000 US Postal Vehicles in electric transformation. It can be said that in 2014, Jonway Automobile has achieved remarkable results in the international market, but it does not mean that Jonway Automobile will stop moving forward.

At present, the follow-up development actions of Wang Gang, chairman of Jonway Automobile, will be exposed in the domestic automobile market. The author learned from the senior executives of Jonway Automobile that at the end of August, Jonway Automobile will launch a new A380 with excellent value for money. It is said that the price of this model will be less than 60,000 yuan. It can be said that it is extremely lethal in the domestic SUV market. Undoubtedly, in the peak season of sales of Jinjiuyin 10, the landing of this new A380 will be an opening drama for the implementation of the domestic market layout of Yonggang Automobile Chairman Wang Gang. Recently, some netizens have photographed the new car spy photos of the new A380 of Jonway Automobile. The new A380 will be launched in a dynamic, fashionable and atmospheric appearance, leading the domestic generation of Euro 5 emission standards, and the price of the special price will be available. The accompanying Jonway pure electric high-speed micro-faced car has a top speed of 80-90 kilometers per hour. The prototype is in the matching test stage and is expected to be launched this year. Chairman Wang Gang also plans to select models and core spare parts. In the organization, continue to increase investment in research and development of new energy vehicles, I believe that the launch of these models will also be sought after by the market.

In addition, the author also learned that Jonway Automobile's small high-speed electric vehicles have also passed the national certification. It is expected that a raging fire will be ignited in the micro-bus and rental market nationwide early next year. Jonway Automobile will launch more products suitable for domestic consumers. The majority of people.