HOMENEWSDYNAMICPingxiang police car batch delivery use, yongyuan star set up a model of green travel

Pingxiang police car batch delivery use, yongyuan star set up a model of green travel


Pingxiang police car batch delivery use, yongyuan star set up a model of green travel.

Energy conservation and environmental protection is the general trend of the new era. Under the background that the country vigorously advocates new energy travel, yongyuan new energy vehicle has been recognized by the market again. Recently, yongyuan star by jiangxi pingxiang public security system as police vehicles, become the government and enterprises together to advocate the model of green travel for the whole people, was recognized by the public security system also testified the solid quality of yongyuan new energy vehicles.

In the era of new energy vehicles, the production of new energy vehicles is the general trend. As a leader in the field of new energy, yongyuan has been taking "benefiting human life and building a century-old new energy automobile enterprise" as its development goal and constantly seeking breakthroughs in the field of new energy. Up to now, yongyuan has invested nearly one billion yuan in the research and development of new energy. At present, yongyuan has made great progress and development in the design of rechargeable electric vehicles and the lightweight design of pure electric vehicles, and owns a large number of core technologies and corresponding intellectual property rights.

As a car designed and developed for police law enforcement personnel, yongyuan star is especially suitable for patrol of public security, law enforcement of urban management, and patrol of pedestrian street, golf course, tourist attractions, real estate and other fields. Smooth lines, comfortable seats and a dignified yet friendly appearance make law enforcement more effective and transparent. The vehicle was praised by pingxiang traffic police system.

After the completion of the car, this batch of police with new energy vehicles will rush to the post of public security, the implementation of the glorious mission. The cooperation with pingxiang county public security system is undoubtedly the full affirmation of yongyuan, and the law enforcement team of pingxiang brings the breath of The Times. This delivery of yongyuan star police vehicles, will be able to enhance the law enforcement ability of pingxiang county police, stable and safe public security environment to contribute to the cause of environmental protection, in the era of "low-carbon life" mainstream, but also for the majority of citizens to create a more comfortable, green life, travel environment provides a model.

Through the cooperation between government and enterprises, yongyuan new energy will help more social forces pay attention to green travel and share the beautiful blue sky!