HOMENEWSDYNAMICJonway Electric Vehicle and Technology-compatible Gold-absorbing Electric Vehicle

Jonway Electric Vehicle and Technology-compatible Gold-absorbing Electric Vehicle


In 1885, when Karl Friedrich Benz, the father of German automobiles, developed the world's first horse-drawn tricycle, a revolution in human and science and technology officially began. Automobile, a great invention, has refreshed the history of human transportation. With the advent of the industrial era, automobiles have entered the stage of mass production. Over the years, the development of automobiles, whether in shape or performance, fuel consumption or environmental protection, has become a problem that automobile experts have worked hard to overcome.


With the concept of environmental protection and new energy vehicles, such as international strategic environmental pollution, gaining popularity, more and more scientific researchers put the improvement of automobiles on the level of energy consumption rather than oil consumption. Therefore, electric vehicles also emerge as the times require. As the name implies, electric vehicle (EV) is powered by on-board power supply, which is mainly divided into three types: pure electric vehicle (BEV), hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), fuel cell vehicle (FCEV).

According to the reporter's understanding, China has also made great achievements in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing, the most promising of which is Jonway Low-Speed Electric Vehicle, Jonway New Energy, produced by Zhejiang Taizhou Jonway Group.

In the interview of Jonway Electric Vehicle Central Plains Marketing Center, Mr. Ye introduced Jonway New Energy, a low-speed electric vehicle, to reporters. The product concept of "Freedom and Freedom" is not only attractive in appearance, but also representative of the power group. Pink, blue, white and other colors meet the new and precious products of different cities. Taste and demand. The exterior design is unique. The honeycomb air intake grille is handsome and aerodynamic, the LED daytime driving lights are bright, 360 degree body enclosure kit, 2.1m body length... Let young people love it. It is reported that before the launch, many foresighted dealers of Jonway Electric Vehicle Central Plains Marketing Center have quietly placed orders or come to consult, which makes the staff of Jonway Electric Vehicle Central Plains Marketing Center very optimistic that Yongyuan New Energy will "take root" in Central Plains, and very much look forward to Jonway Low-Speed Electric Vehicle in Central Plains. The original land sales prospects.

Faced with the vast market of Jonway New Energy, the senior management of Taizhou Jonway Group attaches great importance to it. Local agents can only be passed through layer by layer. Indeed, as a large-scale production enterprise, Jonway Group has changed step by step from an unknown "small workshop" to a well-known domestic enterprise in the 28 years since its establishment. We can see the hardship in it. At present, Jonway Group's automotive products include more than 1.6 to 2.4 kinds of SUV three-door and five-door cars with an annual output of 50,000 units; scooter motorcycles have more than 20 models with an annual output of 300,000 units; the products have passed European certification and American DOT and EPA certification respectively, and are exported to 80 countries in the world.

In view of the sales of Jonway new energy low-speed electric vehicles, Jonway Group has also given an international integration plan, which not only has a unified VI system in stores, but also releases unified services and purposes to agents. Among them, Anhui, Shandong and Henan, as Jonway's strategic deployment, are attracting hot investment. The "gold-absorbing" industry of electric vehicles has attracted the attention of numerous investors and agents.

In the future, the trend of electric vehicle leading the market will become the focus of automobile development in the new era. We also wish Jonway low-speed electric vehicle, a fashionable and novel Jonway new energy source, can bring convenience to consumers through the concept of green environmental protection, safety and energy saving, bring joy of driving and new technology. "Absorbing money" wealth direction!