HOMENEWSDYNAMICJonway New Energy Electric Vehicle Participates in Jinan International Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition, Shandong Province

Jonway New Energy Electric Vehicle Participates in Jinan International Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition, Shandong Province


On September 4, 2014, the 3rd Shandong International Energy Conservation and New Energy Automobile Exhibition opened at 9:30 this morning at Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition was strongly supported by China Automobile Industry Association and Shandong Provincial People's Government. Shandong Automobile Industry Association was the main organizer, Jinan World Expo Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. and Shandong Automobile Engineering Society were the undertakers. In response to the agreement of Shandong Automobile Industry Association, Yongyuan is here to launch our new car model, and also to launch the investment of the whole country through this exhibition.

On September 3, the company's scooter pulled the car from Taizhou Yongyuan factory to Jinan warehouse. This is the first time that we saw Lamborghini and electric beach car with a new model. I saw Lamborghini with two seats, grey carbon fiber shell, perfect body streamline. The whole car is so beautiful that it will go on sale without fire. No reason. It's said that it won't be listed until the end of the year. The company's pricing is between 3W and 4W with so many years of market experience. The price of the car is 312,000. However, the car body design is beautiful, the product positioning is reasonable, the price is reasonable, and the car will be popular.

According to the statistics of the Organizing Committee, more than 200 new models, such as Reading, Yujie, Yongyuan, Saichi, Daojue, Tai Auto, Aerospace, Step-by-Step, Hongzhou, Fenghua, Fulu, Litong, Yintai, Yongyuan, Qianli, Zhongtai, Lifan and other 30 enterprises brought new products to the exhibition, which was the biggest highlight of the exhibition. This year's Jinan exhibition of independent research and development, new energy electric vehicles to conceptualize more and more prominent features.

Shandong small electric vehicle industry standard has been defined for the first time in nine parts, including the scope of vehicles, normative reference documents, product models and technical parameters, technical requirements and test methods. Although this is only a standard within the industry, it still brings hope to many manufacturers in Shandong Province who are looking forward to the status of low-speed electric vehicles. In the process of growth, enterprises should pay attention to policies, train hard their internal skills, improve their products, and prevent the products made in rough form from entering the market. Industry development, incentive policies and quality improvement will certainly promote a new round of market growth.