HOMENEWSDYNAMIC"Black Horse" Jonway of New Energy Vehicles

"Black Horse" Jonway of New Energy Vehicles


        On June 15th, the implementation of the regulations on the implementation of the Vehicle and Vessel Tax Law for the opinions of all sectors of the society was drafted. The pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles are exempt from vehicle and vessel tax. Other hybrid vehicles are subject to a levy of half the applicable taxes for similar vehicles. tax. The deadline for comments is July 14.

        For a time, new energy auto companies, especially electric vehicle companies, have received much attention in the industry. Among them, Zhejiang Yongyuan Automobile Co., Ltd. has seen a significant increase in its exposure. Since 2010, it has cooperated with ZAP, a leading electric vehicle company in the United States. It has become a "dark horse" in the field of new energy vehicles.

        According to Zhejiang Yongyuan Automobile and the US electric vehicle company ZAP reached a strategic cooperation, ZAP entered the company by entering the company, and both parties set up a new company, ZAP Jonway, to jointly enter the electric vehicle market. ZAP is one of the experienced electric vehicle suppliers. Since 1994, the company has sold more than 117,000 electric vehicles in more than 75 countries.

        ZAP has a good electric vehicle research and development capability and a complete matching system. The leading position in ZAP technology enables Yongyuan Automobile to quickly gain an advantage in the development of new energy vehicles. Jonway Automobile's own excellent vehicle manufacturing strength is also the basis for the cooperation between the two parties. The cooperation between the two parties is completely complementary and strong.


        The first electric vehicle of Jonway Automobile has been basically developed, and the molds and prototypes have been produced, and more models will be launched in the future. It is understood that in 2010, Jonway Automobile has begun to supply electric vehicle products to the Korean market. The model is based on the Jonway A380, and the electric vehicle is designed and integrated by ZAP. According to related reports, ZAP and Zhejiang Yongyuan Automobile Co., Ltd. have established a business partnership with Korean distribution partners Samyang Optics and ZAP Jonway to distribute electric vehicles in Korea. It is expected to occupy 10% of the global zero-emission plug-in car market by 2015. It is planned that by 2020, all of its electric vehicles will account for 10% of Korean small car sales.

        At the Shanghai International Auto Show in April this year, Jonway ZAP Alias, which was jointly exhibited by Jonway Auto and ZAP, is a product of Zhejiang Yongyuan Auto and ZAP. Designed by a team of European and American automotive engineers, Alias is a plug-in pure electric three-wheeled sports car. At the same time, ZAP also authorized the core technology of its research and development in Santa Rosa, California, to Jonway Automobile.

        By joining forces with ZAP, Jonway Automobile will surely seize the opportunity in the field of new energy vehicles and achieve leapfrog development.

        New energy vehicles are the main development trend of the global automotive industry. According to the predictions of relevant research institutions, the global sales of electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will reach 4 million in 2015 and over 8 million in 2020. Car.

        The Chinese government has already clarified the development direction of new energy vehicles, which is a long-term positive for Yongyuan.

        Recently, the “Beijing Private Purchase New Energy Vehicle Subsidy Pilot Program”, which was prepared by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau, has been approved by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Development and Reform Commission. The fastest will be before the end of this month. Formally introduced. It is clear from the plan that since the second half of this year, private purchases of new energy vehicles in Beijing can be directly signed, and there is no need to participate in the passenger car index to apply for the lottery.

        Wang Gang, chairman of Yongyuan Automobile, said: Yongyuan Automobile should lead in the fields of SUV and new energy. Yongyuan Automobile should not only lead in cost control, but also accelerate the vehicle, charge time and charging station facilities. Leading the way, making the electric car drive like a gasoline car.