HOMENEWSDYNAMICWhat is the difference between Yongyuan Star and Dayang Qiaoke? Yongyuan New Energy Electric Vehicle Four Wheeler

What is the difference between Yongyuan Star and Dayang Qiaoke? Yongyuan New Energy Electric Vehicle Four Wheeler


    First of all, the next two manufacturers, the North Yichu everyone may not be familiar with, but when it comes to Dayang Motorcycle, you may know, Yichu mainly produces motorcycles and three-wheeled motorcycles for their own electric three-wheeled, which is a Sino-foreign joint venture. Enterprises, outside refers to the Thai Zhengda Group. Taizhou Yongyuan, first to say Taizhou, should know that in the 1980s, Taizhou’s position in China is like Germany in the world, the capital of molds, and Yongyuan started as a mold, and later involved in motorcycles. Cool cars and other industries, UFO, UFO, these brands certainly know that the product self-distribution rate reaches 80%, which means that 80% of the accessories produced in each car are produced by themselves. This means that the company is supported by higher R&D and innovation capabilities, both in product improvement and in product after-sales.

   Next, the two cars, Yongyuan Star is the second imitation and the original Italian car after Dayang. The original car was developed and produced by the Italian company, and has its own patent. On the golf course and sightseeing, this is also the reason for the transparency around the body, but this is more than 40 years ago, and now their patent period has passed, in the era of motorcycles, Luoyang Dongfang Yichu (hereinafter referred to as Yichu) After deciding to enter the electric four-wheel market, he took the car and used it to imitate the improvement for a year. He finally came out, don’t tell me about their own research and development, but most of them are imitations, in details. I made some improvements. You told me that several of China's new products are developed by themselves? What is the size of each detail of the body? How much do you need to invest in the development of an electric car? How long does it take to mature? Do you know? The Chinese people's ability to imitate is definitely not something you can imagine. Dayang inherits the European style of the original car, keeps the door open and transparent, and uses it to imitate, while Yongyuan mimics the taste of China and improves. The rear door has been added to the trunk, and the top shelf has been added to the roof. The Chinese elements have been added to make the vehicle practical and entertaining, so that it can better cater to the electric market and the consumer concept of the masses.

Comparison of details of Yongyuan and Qiaoke vehicles:

The three big parts of the tram, the battery motor controllers are all the same, what is the difference?

The Dayang car door is open, and the door of the Yongyuan Star is open later. It is more in line with the habits of ordinary people.

Dayang shelves are behind, affecting the reversing sight, while Yongyuan has a trunk behind it, the roof has shelves, and valuable small items are placed in the trunk and placed on the roof, which is more practical and entertaining.

The size of the whole vehicle is larger than that of the big sun, it is more stable to open, and it is significantly more

There is a vertical beam on the body above the seat in the Yongyuan car, which has a high safety factor.

Yongyuan car door is a kind of high-strength organic composite material called “polycarbon”. It has good transparency and strong impact resistance. Unbelievable to open the link below to watch the video. A customer in Cao County, Shandong Province used a mobile phone to shoot: http: //dwz.cn/sEOCg

And the most important point is that the interior space of the car is larger than that of the sun, and the space inside the big sun is small? Men can't open at all, and the steering wheel touches the legs, and the space inside the Yongyuan car is large, and the sliding seat is available in the driver's seat.

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