HOMENEWSDYNAMICJonway New Energy SUV and Concept Vehicle

Jonway New Energy SUV and Concept Vehicle


Energy shortage and environmental pollution have become two prominent contradictions threatening human beings. In order to solve the energy crisis, the world's major automobile manufacturers are committed to new energy vehicles that can replace oil. Countries are also paying more and more attention to the environmental protection performance of automobiles. From global well-known brands to domestic automobile enterprises, they are committed to building "safe, energy-saving, environmental protection" new energy vehicles.

At the 2010 International Automobile Exhibition in Beijing, the theme of "Imagine a Green Future" also shows the vanguard position of new energy vehicles in the automotive industry. As one of the world's largest automotive consumers, the development and innovation of China's own brands on new energy vehicles undoubtedly become the focus of attention. It is against this background that China's new energy vehicles have become the focus of attention. Jonway Automobile, with its two new energy vehicles, appeared at this auto show, annotating its understanding of the green future with its advanced electric vehicle technology and trustworthy quality.

The two new energy vehicles on display in Jonway are electric SUV and electric concept car Alias. According to reports, these two models are new energy series vehicles developed and produced by ZAP and Jonway Automobile Co., Ltd. in the United States. ZAP is one of the oldest suppliers of electric vehicles in the world. Since 1994, it has sold 117,000 electric vehicles in 75 countries around the world. ZAP supplies batteries and electric trucks to the military and government departments, and is also an innovator in the fields of electric motorcycles, small motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

Jonway Electric SUV, which integrates the latest AC propulsion and lithium battery system technology, is a medium-range electric vehicle (EV) with high performance launched by ZAP for the Chinese fleet market. Jonway Automobile Co., Ltd. currently produces thousands of three-door or five-door SUVs per month, and actively expands its product range with new cars and other automobiles.


Jonway Electric Concept Vehicle Alias is an innovative concept product. Its unique appearance and light body design reflect its concept of energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, the technology content in the electric system is very high. The latest electric system designed by ZAP has the highest output power of the motor. It can reach 37Kw, speed up to 8000rmp, maximum speed up to 112Km per hour, driving mileage 241Km, and equipped with on-board charger. It can choose the charging mode of household power supply or fast charging mode for charging. It really realizes zero pollution and zero emission. It can also achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction while satisfying the daily driving of the city. It is an economical high-speed electric vehicle.

Of course, to be the world's leading brand favorite, to become its exclusive partner, and Jonway solid foundation is not irrelevant, according to the relevant U.S. ZAP responsible person, the agreement with Jonway Automobile Co., Ltd. is part of ZAP's multi-stage business plan for China's electric vehicle market, according to this exclusive agreement, ZAP The electric system designed by ZAP will be integrated into the electric SUV produced by Jonway Automobile Co., Ltd. ZAP will conduct core technology research and development in San Rosa, California, and provide technical licensing for the partnership. ZAP and Jonway Automobile Co., Ltd. will jointly sell electric vehicles to China, North America and Europe to expand the market.

At present, as a new energy project supported by the state, electric vehicles are attracting more and more people's attention in advocating the "low carbon era". The high-profile appearance of Jonway Vehicle in Beijing Automobile Exhibition is also an opportunity to work out a clear idea for the technical development and market promotion of new energy electric vehicles.